2019 – Builders are Quiet in Perth

Now is the time to drive a hard bargain with your builder in Perth.  The giant state of Western Australia is just coming through a pretty average economic flat spot that has lasted around 10 years.

Signs are looking up with vacancy rates down from close to 7% 18 months ago to around 2.5% now.

The prices have started going back up in Perth’s coastal and riverfront areas, so the rest of the suburbs should start to see a recovery next year if 1993, 1994 Perth price changes are anything to go by.

So now 25 years on, its time to start looking for an innovative, value for money builder with dexterity in how the build, what they build with, how they add value.

Builders are going to start getting busy again and your bargain building opportunity will evaporate.  At the moment builders are taking on projects so they can keep their staff and trusted tradies in work, but are not profiting like they use to.

One such builder always offering great value for money workmanship in a range of homes from rural retreats in WA’s south-west to glorious seaside mansions in Perth’s coastal strip is Perth’s Home Innovation Builders.

Not only innovative but creative and conscious of getting you the most desirable home with wow factor for your money.

So now is the time to get in contact with some real innovators in Perth’s building landscape and contact Architect and builders (who are also brothers) Vivian and Julian Van der Spruy

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OMG – Perth CCTV and Alarms Experiencing Big Growth

Crime is great for the security business according to senior security consultants at Perth CCTV and Alarms.

And from Perth to Bunbury, WA’s crystal meth epidemic is causing some real issues across the suburbs.

Measurements over the past few years of water supplies show some of the highest levels of crystal meth usage in the country.

Astute home owners are being forced to increase their home security with alarm systems and 4K CCTV systems with some going so far as digital access control.

Businesses have been upgrading there old CCTV systems to 4K digital for incredibly clear footage that enables them to get the evidence they need for solid convictions against internal and external theft.

If you are looking for the newest technology in security alarm systems in Perth then get a no obligation quote from these Perth CCTV and Alarms installers.

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  • I’m way too busy to back up
  • It sounds complicated and I don’t know how
  • My computer does not crash, ever
  • Doesn’t that cost a lot of money?

    If you find your reason amongst these then it is time to wake up. It does not have to be hard, just burn your data to a CD, a DVD or replicate it on an external harddrive.

    Off-site auto backups are the ideal option and take out the risk of property damage for on-site backup storage.

    Excuses aside, backing up your data can be done quickly, easily and at very little expense. No amount of money can replace your data should the worst happen, so you have to compare the cost of backups against the cost of complete data loss.

    Regular backups ensure your most sensitive and essential information is safely stored and can be instantly accessed should your on-site copies be corrupted, lost, stolen or destroyed.

    But then, sometimes, it can all go wrong, you have not done a backup in a long time, your harddrive crashes, and you find yourself in that most awkward and regrettable position of complete data loss.

    Nothing can be worse than when it happens to a business.

    Statistics have shown if you cannot run your computer system from loss of data for more than ten days your business will never fully recover.

    Half will no longer be in operation within a period of five years.

    For non business related data the results can be even more hurtful. The loss may be your family photos or other sentimental memorabilia.

    It could be movies and books.

    It could be poetry. It all comes down to the same thing, a complete loss of data you have placed a personal importance upon.

    Never fear however, salvation can be found.

    If you are fortunate the data will still exist on a damaged harddrive and can be recovered by a specialist.

    Skilled specialists like Century IT Consultants in Perth, Western Australia.

    Should the unthinkable happen CITC are eminently skilled in data recovery and can definitely help.


    Attention all Perth home renovators, DIY enthusiasts, builders and handymen (and handy women!)… you may be at risk.

    Much has been said and written about the risks involved in working with asbestos, but another issue, that of exposure to the common household metal, lead – can also be extremely dangerous. Exposure to lead can be harmful to your health, causing long-term problems.

    The most common source of lead dust is from paint in older buildings, so people in the building trade who may be demolishing, renovating or fixing up older buildings can be at real risk. People living in older buildings are also potentially at risk – pets too – with pregnant women and younger children the highest risk groups.

    Older houses and buildings are more likely to have lead paint on the walls and woodwork. Up until the early seventies, lead based paint was common, and although it isn’t generally problematic if it is in good condition, the risks increase when it starts to peel, chip and crack or during building works. Lead dust can also be found in attics, cavity walls and under the floorboards, so the risk of contamination increases if people are renovating their home in ways that involve demolishing ceilings and cavity walls, adding another storey, putting in an attic ladder or intruding into the roof space eg installing a skylight.

    When renovating or building, people are advised not to dry scrape, heat (with a blowtorch etc) or use a sanding machine on lead based paint as that can result in the formation of lead dust. It’s also possible that dust forms when lead-painted surfaces bump together, including old painted furniture. Some places have DIY kits available for testing paint, but the best result is to get qualified professionals to inspect and assess the risks and then use the right equipment and hazardous dust asbestos and lead vacuum cleaners to clean up.

    And merely painting over the problem will not eliminate the risk. So if you think you could be at risk, or the workplace you’re in could be affected by lead dust, it’s advisable to enlist the help of experts who have specialized equipment for hazardous dust removal.

    These vacuum machines are heavy duty but lightweight, made from tough materials so that they are virtually indestructible and suited to rough and heavy duty cleaning. They can be moved around easily and have special features that enable them to reach into confined areas such as inside a ceiling or roof.

    According to a leading supplier of hazardous dust machines Perth, these are not only used on building sites– they’re in high demand anywhere there is a cleaning application including hospitals and operating theatres, in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry etc. And on the subject of hospitals, it’s interesting to note that in Australia, in nearly all of the cases where children had been admitted to hospital for treatment for lead poisoning, the lead had come from dust during home renovations – news that every builder and parent should heed.

    And if you’re taking notes while you’re reading this …and you suddenly realise that you’re chewing on your LEAD pencil – relax! ’Lead’ pencils do not contain lead – it’s graphite that is the black bit in the middle – and it’s 100% safe. But it may not be the case at your building site or at home, so make sure you clean up all your hazardous dust properly and effectively.


    Your wedding flowers say a lot about your character. Exuberant or reserved, flowers say it all. And these days, flowers are being increasingly used in new and exciting ways which express the couple’s individuality and their personalities.

    Here are a few of the colourful trends that have been seen at stylish weddings across the country.

    It’s all about colour. The traditional white and pale pastels of antique roses and gypsophila are being swept aside in a riot of colour including gerbera daisies in vivid reds and oranges and roses in shades that would normally only be found in the candy jar. Brides are confident to mix bold colours in dramatic and interesting pairings such as purple and orange, yellow and red and pink and yellow.

    One colour (monochromatic) and monobotanic (one type of flower) schemes also look glamorous and dramatic. For a fresh and warm summer wedding, brides have been using bright cerise pinks combined with vivid lime green foliage and flowers. Winter wedding flowers are far from cold – with bright reds, oranges, yellows and even blues warming up the occasion.

    Unusual shapes are also all the rage at today’s nuptials, according to a leading florist in Perth, Airport Florist. Cascading green ivy and white or cream roses will be perennially popular but many brides are choosing eye-catching, asymmetrical arrangements over the traditional compact posy. Styling can also be very loose, informal and unstructured and many brides are choosing to go down the casual road rather than having formal, traditional arrangements.

    Another point of discussion is the interesting variety of containers that modern brides are using for their wedding flowers. The perennially popular glass fishbowl is making way for gilded urns, silver tumblers, mosaic bowls, rectangular vases and baskets. To create drama through simplicity and repetition, the use of identical containers in rows or clusters (often with a single flower such as an orchid, rose or lily) is becoming more and more popular. Clusters of containers of varying heights and sizes can also add interest, but remember to keep things simple for maximum effect. A word of caution though – it’s important to make sure that arrangements don’t prevent conversation. Even if they’re stunning, if the flowers get in the way because they’re too tall or too big, wedding guests will talk about them in a negative way!

    Accessories and lighting in wedding arrangements are also popular options. For romance, nothing beats the flattering muted glow of candles. Float candles in shallow containers or hang them from delicate threads from spikes or branches in the centrepiece. Spraypainting the branch or stem with gold or silver can create an elegant, sophisticated atmosphere. Small votive candles can also be wired into flower arrangements. Another trend is to cluster together pillar candles which are of varying height, and then surrounding those with flowers to create a glowing centerpiece. Other ideas for accessories include ‘bling’ (faux gems, crystals and beads), lace, ribbon, mirrors, feathers, berries, butterflies and even fruit and vegetables.

    Differing heights, colours, shapes and containers are all adding to the wonderful new trends emerging in modern weddings. The old adage that variety is the spice of life rings true for weddings as well says Perth online florist, with creative flowers spicing up the nuptials too!



    ’North Country’ is a 2005 film that explores the ugly face of sexual harassment. The film tells the tale of Lois Jenson who takes up work in her hometown’s ore mine after separating from her abusive husband.
    The work is hard and jobs are scarce in the male dominated industry. Times are tough. Lois quickly learns that her male co-workers do not appreciate a woman competing with them for valuable work. Resentment builds until it breaks into open abuse, eventually leading to sexually inappropriate behaviour.
    Lois endured this abhorrent treatment for nearly a decade before speaking out. So began the first class-action sexual harassment lawsuit in US history.
    Battling against an uncaring system, Lois strives for recompense for the years of mental anguish and suffering.
    Has anything changed in the three decades since Lois’s brave stand?
    My home city of Perth has just over a million people, a pretty small place all told, and yet I still witness acts of sexual harassment on an almost daily basis. Prolonged exposure to this kind of constant debasement can lead to long term detrimental effects, it is not harmless fun, it is damaging and illegal abuse.
    Sometimes sexual harassment can make the victim anxious or depressed, it can lead to trust issues that spread into every facet of their lives. It damages self-esteem and can even produce physical symptoms of stress such as headaches, backaches, and insomnia.
    Workplace sexual harassment is not acceptable and the only way to get that message through to society is to investigate it and to have those responsible held accountable for their actions. Whether you are the victim or not you should always report such inappropriate behaviour immediately, there are professional organisations dedicated to investigating and resolving these issues. A victim may lack the confidence to stand up against sexual harassment, a little assistance from conscientious investigators can go a long way to help.